Stephanie Harrison

Stephanie Harrison

Professional Background

Stephanie’s real estate journey began over three decades ago in Project Management, where her knack for turning visions into reality first emerged. With a unique blend of marketing, construction, and management acumen, she has spearheaded over $20 million in transformative projects across Metro Atlanta, leaving her mark on the skyline and the industry as a whole.

For Stephanie, it’s about building relationships with clients and creating communities and spaces where businesses thrive and people flourish. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her unwavering commitment to her clients’ success, sets her apart as a leader and innovator in the world of commercial property management.

Client Services

Stephanie possesses a distinctive skill set that seamlessly merges her expertise in property engineering and mechanics with a deep understanding of the intricate financial aspects of complex assets. Supported by a talented team of young professionals she has cultivated over her 13-year tenure at Harrison Properties, Stephanie is dedicated to setting her company apart from the ordinary corporate management firms.

Committed to an integrity driven, client centric approach, Stephanie ensures that Harrison Properties tailors its services to meet the distinct needs of each client. This personalized touch distinguishes her company, reflecting Stephanie’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of commercial real estate management.

Personal Interests

Stephanie finds joy in various aspects of life, from tending to her home garden and indulging in interior decoration to horseback riding and cherishing moments with her faithful companion, Ringo. Yet, her greatest passion lies in exploring new horizons with her husband and sharing precious moments with her two sons. Alongside her pursuits in health and wellness, Stephanie holds dear to her heart the values of faith, family, and friendship, enriching her life with meaningful connections and spiritual fulfillment.

Contact Stephanie
Cell: 404.819.3338