Diane Ross & The Enterprise Mill Team

Professional Background

Diane is a seasoned professional with a diverse background encompassing military service, financial management, and administrative roles. Having served in the US Army, Diane brings a disciplined approach to her work, coupled with a strong sense of dedication and leadership.

In her previous roles within the financial sector, Diane excelled in processing loans, managing accounts, and imparting her knowledge to new employees through training programs. Her experience extends to office management, administrative assistance, and proficiency in data processing and reporting, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in various work environments.

Client Services

Diane represents Harrison Properties, overseeing the entirety of Enterprise Mill, a bustling mixed-use development housing 60 residential tenants and accommodating 50 commercial tenants. Collaborating closely with Richard Johnson, a respected local fire department captain who leads the dynamic on-site maintenance team, Diane and her team are entrusted with the comprehensive management of the building. Their responsibilities include lease administration, operational oversight, and ensuring the smooth functioning of all aspects of Enterprise Mill.

Personal Interests

Diane, along with her husband Ronnie, calls Harlem, GA, home, where they cherish their roles as parents to two sons and proud grandparents to five grandchildren. Beyond her family life, Diane is recognized for her prowess as a competitive disc golfer, demonstrating her skill and passion in this exciting sport.

Contact Diane

Office: 706.255.8253