Dena McDaniel

Dena McDaniel

Professional Background

Prior to joining John and Stephanie in 2010 to create what is now Harrison Properties, Dena worked with various property development and law offices. She managed all aspects of real estate ownership and management, including executive administration, bookkeeping, office management, tax appeal services, payroll and property management.

Client Services

Dena serves as the Financial Account Manager at Harrison Properties, specializing in financial operations and client relations. With a meticulous approach, Dena efficiently manages accounts payable and accounts receivable, ensuring timely and accurate transactions. She also cultivates strong relationships with banks on behalf of our clients, facilitating smooth financial interactions. Additionally, Dena oversees all tenant rent payments, guaranteeing seamless processing and maximizing revenue streams for our commercial real estate portfolio.

Personal Interests

In all aspects of her life, whether it’s exploring new beaches with her husband, enjoying the company of her family and three dogs, or cruising on her motorcycle, Dena embraces each moment with passion, enthusiasm, and a zest for life.

Contact Dena
Office: 770.363.1112