ROBIN HALL | Asset Mgmnt

  • A  property management professional assisting with all aspects of asset management .

 KAY LEWINGTON | VP Operations

  • A  proficient tenant relations professional, coordinating daily operations..

 DENA MCDANIEL | Account Mgmnt

  • A 25 year industry veteran handling  all bill pay and operating account services.

At Harrison Properties, we understand that management is a critical component of a property's operation and ultimate value.  We  approach real estate management from an owner's perspective.

John and Stephanie Harrison have been married for 31 years and have enjoyed a long history in the commercial real estate industry.  Stephanie's property services career began with the implementation of more than $5 Million in retail and office renovations.  John, the qualifying broker of Harrison Properties, is a 35 year, award winning,  commercial real estate professsional.  In early 2001, they partnered their talents and planted the seed for what is now Harrison Properties.  Assisted by their team, they have combined John's skills in investment sales and leasing with Stephanie's strengths in property operations and account management.  The two began to manage, develop and renovate properties for themselves and local investors.  This collaboration has driven Harrison Properties to successfully expand its property portfolio every year.

   With a foundation of knowledge and experience, Harrison Properties looks to the future, remaining Landlord focused, Investment centered and Tenant aware.


  • Assists with financial underwriting & Lease Negotiaitons.

  MELODY SMITH | Operations

  • Assisting with tenant relations & Contruction services.

  AUSTEN WILEY | VP Brokerage

  • Experienced leasing & investment sales professional.